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Chair Gravity Balans Varier

The chair Gravity, flagship product of the brand Varier, has been studied and patented to ensure the maximum comfort and the proper posture while sitting. Muscles’ movement keeps the column in equilibrium and prevents any tension in the back and shoulders. The backrest offers the correct support and the opportunity to relax. The seat activates circulation and respiration, increasing energy and concentration. Specifically created for students and office workers who are required to spend a lot of time sitting.


The structure of the chair Gravity Balans Varier is made with ash wood base and fabric or leather seat in different colours.

The structure of the chair Gravity Balans Varier is is available in the following finishes:

  • natural ash wood;
  • black lacquered ash wood.

The covering of the chair Gravity Balans Varier is available in the following finishes:

  • Revive fabric;
  • Umami fabric;
  • Fame fabric;
  • Forest nap fabric;
  • Breeze Fusion fabric;
  • Dolce fabric;
  • Hallingdal fabric;
  • Steel cut fabric;
  • Dinamica fabric;
  • Aniline leather;
  • Semi-aniline leather.

Protective felt included.
Contact our customer service to check the availability of colors


73cm x 135cm x 122cm
Seat height: 44 cm

Gravity Balans Chair Varier colours

Gravity Balans Chair Varier





See and choose the colour of the covering in the samples and insert the colour code in «Product customization».

Estimated time for delivery for the product with covering in Revive fabric 5 working weeks since received payment.

Estimated time for delivery for all other coverings from 8 to 10 working weeks since received payment.

Gravity Balans Lifestyle Recliner

«It is not a chair; it is a way of life.» The Gravity from Varier is one of the trendiest & best-rated home office kneeling chairs! Experience something transforming, and like most of our customers, never go back to a regular chair

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+ The flexible wood and rocking induce movement all-day

+ The unique design offers four different positions: kneeling, rocking, reclining, and the ultimate weightlessness «zero gravity»

+ The large seating surface, the back- and shin rests are molded with high-quality polyurethane that holds its shape and provides optimum comfort

+ Handcrafted in Europe, the choice of premium upholsteries give Varier chairs that beautiful finish you expect from a high-quality chair

+ 100% recyclable & environmentally friendly, using top quality plywood from sustainable forests

+ Built to last with a 7-year warranty on woods

+ Check out our blog on How to get used to your kneeling chair




Wood Frame: 7 Years, Mechanical parts: 5 Years

Download the Gravity Balans assembly instructions

Gravity Balans Dimensions

Upholstery Curated Amongst The Best

The Varier upholstery collection is carefully curated in collaboration with creative talents and brought to you by the leading manufacturers in the industry. All fabrics and leathers have been tested for quality, durability, and comfort, following strict sustainability requirements.

Computer monitors are not all calibrated equally, and color reproduction on the Internet is not precise. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee our online colors will portray exactly the color of the actual product. However, we give you as many high-quality pictures as possible to give you the closest realistic rendering. We recommend you look at our products from different devices.


We are updating stock and lead times at least twice a week from the official North American Varier warehouse to make sure you get the most accurate information.

Quick Ship

Chairs in stock ship within 4 to 5 business days from our warehouse in Colorado per UPS or FEDEX ground transport, for which you will receive detailed tracking information. Ground transport takes about 3 to 5 business days.

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Custom Chairs

Crafted in Europe at Varier’s factory, your custom made chair is delivered to you in about 10 to 16 weeks (Official Varier US Lead Times)

Upon arrival in the US, your chair ships per UPS or FEDEX ground transport, for which you will receive detailed tracking information.

Varier accepts withdrawal right only within 24 hours after you completed your order.

Balance: the best starting point for making a movement.

Varier Gravity - Man reading newspaper

Whatever position you choose, your body weight locks the Gravity balans chair in place, yet allows gentle rocking. A slight movement is all it takes to shift the balance and move from one position to another.

Start with the kneeling position and use it as a kneeling chair, or settle for the second more familiar sitting position, the Varier Gravity is as functional at your home-office desk as at is at your coffee table.

Recline into the third position for more relaxed activities, like reading and watching TV, or to turn it into a gaming chair.

If you feel like going horizontal, no need to retreat to the bedroom for a snooze—the Gravity balans allows you to power-nap on the spot.

Like other ergonomic Varier chairs, the Gravity uses and strengthens what you have rather than allowing you to waste away. Used as a kneeling seat, it tilts the pelvis forward, promoting an upright posture. That strengthens core muscles and reduces unhealthy back strain. In this position, it also keeps you active, allowing you to stretch your legs or use the kneepads as a footrest.

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