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Колыбель Chicco BABY HUG 4in1 Glacial

Колыбель Chicco BABY HUG 4in1 Glacial

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Cradle of Safety

Image via WotC

This is a lot better than most protection spells in Limited. This instant-speed Enchantment can protect a key Creature while also providing a permanent +1/+1 buff. Even if a Creature isn’t being targeted by a removal spell, sometimes the extra stat boost is all that’s needed to deal a lethal blow or force unfavorable blocks. Cradle of Safety shouldn’t be dead in hand at any point of the game and that’s why it will make most Blue decks.

Page 107 of my 'Leaving The Cradle' webcomic, worldbuilding, and other stuff

Dyson sphere sized Dickbutt, that’s where the real game is at.

Jokes aside, I think he might have written several iterations of human languages to surprise the commander.


Permanently knurd
  • Nov 1, 2021
  • #805

<sees paper and pen>
Fucking finally!


  • Nov 3, 2021
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  • Monday at 7:24 AM
  • #807

Yeah, a couple of pages would be. Guess you can call that "experimental". ^^"

  • Darth_Biomech
  • Monday at 7:24 AM
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  • Monday at 1:00 PM
  • #808

If I’m reading it right, she either understand how they shot her down, or why they shot her down. She’s also confirmed, to the general, that there’s a missing Raharr, and that she witnessed our civilians grabbing Gharr.

The artistic focus on volume — i.e. blobs, not stick figures — is an interesting one, especially the tail-spade things in the top image. The sense of spacing in her work is pretty good. I’m surprised that she’s using crosses for human facial features, as well. Nea has art skills!

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  • Monday at 1:50 PM
  • #809

So, I really, REALLY like this page. I’m not sure I fully understand what either of them are trying to depict to each other, and I don’t know how well they understand each other yet, but.

That’s not the important part. What is important is what this REPRESENTS.

From Nea’s perspective, this man who is trying to work with her right now is clearly important, she knows that. This is an individual who is in CHARGE of things, someone who’s closer to the top of the local hierarchy, the one who is giving orders. And yet, he is the one directly attempting to bridge communication with her. And there are two particular things he is NOT doing: 1, he is not trying to interrogate her for strategic information, he’s not trying to get her to give up something she wants to protect, he’s not even trying to one-sidedly get her to say anything. And 2, he is not delegating this task to an underling, even an underling who would most likely be better trained and more qualified for this sort of thing.

He, personally, is the one trying to establish a rapport with her. and he’s doing this AFTER she tried to take him hostage. Not retaliating, not punishing, he is clearly doing his damnedest to talk to her, not just get her to talk, and is expending a great deal of personal effort and focus to do so when he "should" be "too important" for something like this.

Nea should, and I think she already does, realize just how significant this is, and what it means for the whole incident. "Yeah, this guy blew up our ship. but it wasn’t as simple as just some barbaric natives being aggressive, there’s something else going on here." This should go a long way towards building trust between the two of them as they continue to refine their doodles in response to each other as they attempt to work out what the other is trying to tell them.

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'The Electrical Life of Louis Wain'

Jordan Kasey

Robert Rauschenberg

Maclay's chart of Wain's work

In Wain’s lifetime he wouldn’t only create picture book cat drawing but also odd, psychedelic drawing: full of bright colors and fractal patterns. Some say that these drawings were the results of Wain’s struggle with mental illness, perhaps schizophrenia, as he grew older. For years a series of his drawings featured in psychology textbooks after the psychologist Walter Maclay arranged them in an order that revealed how the deterioration of a patient’s mental state could be tracked through changes in their artistic style. The first drawings on Maclay’s chart are of soppy-eyed kittens, but as the years go by, Wain’s drawings become more saturated and more complicated until they dissolve into a kaleidoscopic soup of repeating patterns, the image of the cat hardly preserved. Though this characterization of this so-called deterioration has been put into question as many of these works aren’t dated and could’ve been made at any point in his life, this chart has defined Wain’s life story. In a lecture, the psychiatrist David O’Flynn once called this series “the Mona Lisa of asylum art.”

The Electrical Life of Louis Wain grabs on to twin aspects of Wain’s life—his legacy as a painter of saccharine pictures and a man beset by mental illness—in the service of a predictable portrait of a mad genius. Benedict Cumberpatch plays Wain, following his performances of other socially awkward yet brilliant Englishmen: Alan Turing in The Imitation Game (2014) and Sherlock Holmes in the BBC’s Sherlock (2010-2017). The movie begins by introducing us to Wain as a gifted illustrator who is eccentric enough to get into a bull ring to get a better look at the bovine he’ll be drawing for a newspaper. Wain had a wide range of interests, from boxing to inventing (he had an obsession with electricity), but these passions would be curtailed when his father died when he was 20 years old and he was left to provide for his mother and five sisters.

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Caroline, the eldest sister, takes charge of the house and begs Wain to focus on providing for his family, but his financial acumen is lacking and he spends the rest of his life struggling with finances. The other sisters are reduced to giggling background noise, but it is their presence that brings Emily Richardson-Wain (Claire Foy) into Wain’s life. Smart but plain (if only she’d take off her glasses!), she and Wain fall in love and get married, despite their differences in class and age, with Emily 10 years Wain’s senior. Too soon into their blissful conjugal life, Emily falls ill, and it is during her battle with cancer that she and Wain adopt a kitten, Peter, who first kindles Wain’s enduring love of cats.

Wain paints and draws Peter for Emily’s comfort and, after her death, begins publishing silly illustrations of kittens that find massive popularity. But his sister Marie was diagnosed with schizophrenia when Wain was 30, and between that and his scandalous marriage to Emily, the family’s reputation suffered. But Wain would continue to keep himself and his family afloat through his cat pictures and children’s books.

Over time, however, he became more and more unstable, and the film shows him experimenting with abstraction as he mutters his theories about electricity. Eventually his sisters could no longer handle his violent outbursts, and he was sent to live in a pauper’s hospital. Through donations from his many fans (including sci-fi author H.G. Wells), Wain was moved to a more comfortable asylum where he continued to draw and kept cats as pets.

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By the film’s logic, Wain’s struggles are what sparked his genius to ever greater heights. As Wain scribbles furiously into his sketchbook, the movie’s narrator says, “The more intensely he suffered, the more beautiful his work became.” In the end that’s all the movie ever amounts to: another formulaic story about a mad genius whose creations are the fruit of suffering.

Видео инструкция

В выложенном ниже ролике вы увидите, как рисовать кровать маркером на листе бумаги. Повторите все шаги юного художника, научитесь сами рисовать этот предмет мебели, научите этому своего ребенка.

Воспользуйтесь приведенным пошаговым руководством с иллюстрациями каждого шага выполнения рисунка, примените полученные сведения, и помогите в обучении своему малышу. Рисуете ли вы самостоятельно, используя свое воображение и фантазию, или скачиваете готовые идеи и шаблоны из интернета? Поделитесь своим опытом по развитию изобразительных способностей своего ребенка в комментариях к статье.

В этом уроке я хочу продемонстрировать, как изобразить кровать карандашом поэтапно. Рисовать я буду в графическом редакторе SAI, однако вы можете использовать бумагу, карандаш, краски, либо же рисовать на компьютере с помощью мыши и графического планшета.

Каждый из нас вечером или поздно ночью отправляется спать, в любимую кровать. Кровати бывают разных типов и материалов – на пружинах, складные, откидные, односпальные и двуспальные, железные и кровати из массива березы или сосны. Давайте попробуем нарисовать односпальную кровать с одеялом и подушкой в мультяшном стиле.

Для того чтобы наша нарисованная кровать была ровной и не разваливалась, нам просто необходим каркас. Кроме того, рисование основы позволяет облегчить дальнейшую работу. Нарисуйте вот такую конструкцию, обозначающую элементы кровати.

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Далее нам потребуется нарисовать следующие элементы:

  • Ножки;
  • Переднюю и заднюю спинку кровати;
  • Одеяло;
  • Подушку;
  • Матрас.

Чтобы было проще рисовать, я начинаю именно с задней спинки кровати. Рисуем ее сразу вместе с ножками. Я изображаю деревянную кровать, вы же можете проявить фантазию – например, сделать узор или рисунок. Ножки могут быть тонкими, ровно как и сама спинка, можно сделать каждый из элементов резным.

Далее нарисуем пушистое, мягкое и объемное одеяло в пододеяльнике. На поверхность одеяла также можно нанести орнамент или какие-то забавные рисунки персонажей мультфильмов.

Теперь нарисуем мягкую подушку и матрас под ней (его видимую часть). Эти элементы можно нарисовать в клеточку или полосочку, если вам нравятся такие узоры. Также вы можете изобразить полностью заправленную кровать, покрытую пледом – в общем, дайте волю своей фантазии, или используйте собственную кровать либо фотографию в качестве референса.

Осталось нарисовать вторую спинку и оставшиеся ножки кровати. Видимость задней ножки зависит от ракурса, с которого мы рисуем кровать.

Получившийся рисунок вы можете раскрасить карандашами, красками или фломастерами, либо же оставить в черно-белом варианте, ограничившись легкой штриховкой для придания объема рисунку.

Надеемся, вам понравился этот урок. С его помощью вы можете обставить нарисованную комнату, дополнив ее интерьер.

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